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Common Questions and details to consider...
In NJ every casino fundraiser falls under the LGCCC regulations.
Date of the event
The first step in planning is the date.
Number of guests anticipated
You will need an estimate to determine the proper number of tables as well as the venue.
Venue for the event
Restaurant, hotel, banquet hall, VFW, KOC, school gym, all possibilities.
Guest price of admission to your event
Price may include any or all; admission, dinner, drinks, play money, raffle drawing, door prizes.
Value, quantity, and how to acquire them, i.e.. donations, purchases.
Play money included in admission price
Something to start with to encourage guests to go straight to the games. Typically $100 in chips.
What guests will be bringing to the tables to start
Guests can start with play money, a pre paid voucher, or their ticket stub for the event as initial buy in.
Standard price of play money
This is what guests can buy play money for at the registration table all night long.
Special price of play money
The price that will be offered at special times during the event.
This will give guests the option to get more for less as the night goes on, even if they don't play.
Number of prizes you plan to have
More prizes means more winners but also takes more time and effort.
Less prizes may have greater value, but leave some people feeling short changed..
Conversion rate of play chips to raffle tickets
At the end of the gaming, all chips and play money will be converted to raffle tickets or vouchers.
A standard rate is 1 raffle ticket for $100 in chips.
Chip redemption table
Optional place for guests to redeem their chips during the event, if they decide to stop playing.
Raffle ticket colors
If you have tickets for another purpose, i.e.. 50/50 you will have to use separate colors.
Raffle tickets supplied by
We supply 4 rolls of raffle tickets, random colors unless notified in advance.
Raffle tickets redeemed by
If you choose to have a redemption table, that is where guests will be directed during the event.
At the end of gaming the casino staff will redeem all of the chips at their tables.